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    Brief : How to Play in Katoli's world?


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    Brief : How to Play in Katoli's world?  Empty Brief : How to Play in Katoli's world?

    Post by Admin on Sat Dec 14, 2013 10:06 pm

    First of all, What the heck is Katoli's world?

    Simply, A large, infamous and exquisite resort place with the joy and thrill of nature combined with fun, modern family entertaintment. Well, it was. While it was outstanding at the first place, an earthquake change it all. And now, the place is completely abandoned.

    Scratch that, not really. A crazy scientist had this crazy Idea to deceive people so that they'll be coming to the Island and wander there in lost. It is merely on purpose to satisfy his observation of humans and other living creatures. They're his guinea pigs, and the Island is his facility to provide his research.

    So I'd say, good luck to every characters whom got stuck in the creepy Island and please, survive while having fun (notably, the Island is still super beautiful)

    "So, How do I start?"

    Your character will arrive at the beach.  Please, if you're new to the Island, go to the forum section and create a new thread, with this template:

    [Character's Name]-[Title of your character's thread]

    Example : [Hibari Kyouya - ...I'll bite your ass to death, anyone.]

    Before you start your introduction arrival post, make sure you put this infos as your post header :

    [Player] :
    [Character's name]:
    [Gender] :
    [Short Brief] :

    If you're playing original character, simply put "Original" at the fandom section.

    "Done! and Now, what should I do? what do I have to do??"

    Please post your character to the Taken List at the Introduction Category. And then, it is free for your character to do anything, make explotions, or be a conspiracy theorist of the Island. Remember, you're free to simultaneously do double, triple, RP thread in different places.

    "Eh..so how do I make the RP thread?"

    Go to the place where your characters will interact, and then create a thread with this template :

    [Title] [Open to :]

    Example : I really will bite your ass to death - Open to Tsuna only.

    If you want it to be available for everyone, just state open to everyone.
    at the thread starter post, please post this template as header:


    "Okay! but...I post really slow and somebody's post went ahead of me, I am tired of editing the post!"

    Make sure that you remember your turn. Example, Player A post first, then goes player B, and player C and D. After player D, it is player A that should post and others must await for him/her. Player B is not allowed to post before A does. and the circle goes on.

    "Okaaay! any other else??"

    -use [this] or *this* for the character's actions. [this] is usually in narrative form while *this* is pretty much linear and short.

    -use {this}, {{this}} or (this) for OOC/Out of Character stuffs. You don't have to use these in Questions and Suggestions board and Out Of Character part of the forums.

    -use italics for monologues/character thoughts.

    Follow these, and let's just all have fun!

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