A sort of haven, filled with adventure to thrill your surviving instinct--or inventory coconut's skill while demanding protection for the Shark's Lagoon.

    Security Survilence Center

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    Security Survilence Center Empty Security Survilence Center

    Post by Photon Warrior on Fri Jan 31, 2014 1:38 am

    [Character]: Tenjo Kaito, anyone who is can somehow stumble upon this place
    [What]: Surprisingly, some rides and attractions are still actively running so Kaito figured if he finds the control center, he'll have chance maybe building something that can be of some use or find some useful information about the island.
    [When]: Sometimes after his arrival on the beach.

    The doors were originally locked with some sort of high-tech security system but nothing too complex that Kaito couldn't figure out. After cracking the rather code, the doors slide open like some sci-fi movie. He stepped inside and the doors closed behind him. In there, he found a super computer with televisions screens on the wall broadcasting the park's activity. Surprisingly, everything was still working.

    Anyway, he better get started. He came to this island with nothing but his deck and no knowledge of where he was. First thing he needs is to get information on his whereabouts. Time to hack into the super computer before him. He doesn't doubt that the mastermind would soon catch onto his movement so just in case, he need to hurry. 

    Let's see what can he find? What he finds leaves a bad taste in his mouth. A mad scientist? Experiments? Deception? So whoever brought them here is some twisted manipulated lunatic bastard. Hm, sounds like Mr. Heartland. What else is there he could find? Oh, this seems to be a list people who were dragged to this island. Kamishiro Rio's name is listed as well. No other familiar names mentioned. However, this list seems incomplete.

    The deeper he goes the tighter the security becomes. How troublesome. As he continued his searching, he continuously kept his guard up, looking back at the door to see if anyone would come in. Just a little more. There's something missing. And then... 

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    Security Survilence Center Empty Re: Security Survilence Center

    Post by Little King on Fri Jan 31, 2014 1:47 pm

    He is not the master mind, but he surely is close to it. Nothing passes his keen observing eye, as expected from the greatest achiever, half God half human.

    "Have you find anything here that fulfill your interest?"

    This tall man finally decides to tease that guy a bit. Though, this job is easier when he maintains his kid form actually.

    {{He is still reverted to his adult form atm}}

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