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    Tiny Grasses Are Dreaming - A Day of Relaxation [Open to Everyone]

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    Tiny Grasses Are Dreaming - A Day of Relaxation [Open to Everyone] Empty Tiny Grasses Are Dreaming - A Day of Relaxation [Open to Everyone]

    Post by I Like Red on Tue Jan 14, 2014 7:48 am

    [Character]: Anyone
    [What]: The tiny grasses are dreaming. In this part of the island, on a nice warm grassy field, you just can't help but lay back, relax, fall asleep, and have wonderful dreams.
    [When]: up to person

    [After traveling so far and wide, Judai stumbled across this nice looking field. He decided to lay back on the grass and relax, eventually drifting off to dreamland rather quickly. The air was so nice and warm, he couldn't help it.]


    [He was dreaming of being back home with his friends and doing what he do best: dueling. There was everyone, even those not originally from his timeline like Yugi and Yusei. They were cheering him as he was dueling the king of games. And guess what, he won.

    He jumped high in the air with a fist raise. "Al~right!! Gotcha! That was a fun duel!"

    "Indeed it was." Yugi nodded with a smile. "Let's duel again someday."

    "Hehe, of course! I'm always up to it, Yugi-san." Judai said with a smile as well.

    The two shook hand. A sign of bromancing as the sun was starting to set in the background.


    But then, before he even realize it, Judai was suddenly on a D-Wheel of his own. He appeared to be in a Riding Duel. Wait, what? He look to see who his opponent was. That familiar red D-Wheel and the dark haired duelist. "Yusei-kun!" he declared.

    "Judai-kun, now isn't the time to be falling asleep. Look at your field." said Yusei.

    Judai did as he was suggested. Holy crap! They were in the middle of a duel for sure and he was losing! Yusei totally had the upper hand at the moment. He needed a special card to get him out of this situation. "Sorry, Yusei. I don't know what happen but it won't happen again. Its my turn! Draw!"]


    [And in reality, Judai was just grinning like an idiot in his sleep. Having two epic duels against two awesome duelists like Yugi Muto and Yusei Fudou. Man, this is what he's talking about yo! He is such a dueling dork.]

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