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    Squirrel girl diary

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    Squirrel girl diary Empty Squirrel girl diary

    Post by Chihiro Hakuno on Sat Jan 11, 2014 12:08 pm

    BB...was this your doing? Where actually are we now..? Is this part of mooncell?

    I am tired, you know! I am tired! If we have to fight, if you want to play with me that badly go ahead but please stop burdening everyone with this! Upon arriving here I have encounter a lot of strange event and danger..

    I don't see any familiar face yet. I was expecting Leo or Rin will contact me first or going meeting me. Neither of them here...

    There is my Servant, though. But lately he is acting a bit unusual. Hmm... he is still haugty and everything.. but usually he is more flexible than he is now. Perhaps he grows to dislike me? And just about time when I start trusting him...

    Ah, I met another master and servant too. She does not seem dangerous and neither her servant is. But they seem to show hostility toward Gil. What did he do?

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