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    Post by Little King on Wed Jan 08, 2014 2:42 pm

    It seems everyone in this Island are oblivious of what truly happening. Too bad, it seems because I automatically receive wisdom once being 'summoned' , I am the only one who know. Do you realize this, mad scientist? or you purposely call me here to be an observer of them?

    Haha, we surely  have interest in watching 'humans' ain't we.

    So far everything is indeed amusing though. Especially since I came to know that my alternate self is here as well. Yeah, knowing of how would I think, I understand every of his actions. He might be thinking that I am his past self or what. Ironically, He is myself in the past instead. At least when I still have my dark side.

    Oh what am I saying? I am still as dark as ever hahah. I guess I cannot help being born with such ego. And they say Ego is what makes human strong. In that case I came to wonder if I failed my incarnation and turns weak because I have lost half of mine.

    But then again. Joining that of I used to call 'mongrels' is not bad and I came to see perhaps this silly me is way better than the tyrant king I was.

    secretly though, my leftout Ego still lead me to get its other half back. Because as I gain wisdoms and power..no one should ever beat me. not in forever. Or, will I get my full power and wisdom but still maintain this kind of 'me'?

    Let just settle that later and just enjoy the observation for now.

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