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    Lists of the informations of the taken characters provided by the players at the beach.

    Angel Beats!

    Sekine Shiori (Shiori Sekine)
    The bassist of a "band", A girl who is quite mischievous and plays pranks on people.
    Player: Noel

    Cardfight!! Vanguard

    Aichi Sendou(Sendou Aichi)
    Leader of Team Q4 as well as the captain of the Vanguard Club in Miyaji Academy. He currently uses the Gold Paladin deck composed of the Liberators. He's actually shy, but in Vanguard battles, he is undaunted. When possessed by PSYQualia, he can communicate with the units in his deck, and has learned to control it as redemption from his mistake of letting it consume him almost completely.

    Suzugamori Ren
    Leader of Team Foo Fighter AL4, PSYQualia user and Fukuhara High School's Cardfight Club's captain. Mostly calm and composed, but sometimes an air head. Sometimes a sadist when in PSYQualia mode.

    Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

    Takanashi Rikka (Rikka Takanashi)
    A girl of delusions. She believes in the power of the Wicked Eye of Truth which allows her to see anything and grant her with amazing powers. ..Inside her head of course. That's not say Rikka does not know reality from fiction.
    Player: Eko

    Tsuyuri Kumin (Kumin Tsuyuri)
    A teenage girl who adores naps and devotes alot of time and effort into quick naps, She is also quite laid back and friendly
    Player: Noel

    Clock Zero

    Kaidou Takato, King
    Only son of Kaidou Group's CEO, a genius, leader of CZ from Kaga Akira's special class who is Takato himself ten years later. Kind, gentle and reliable. Sometimes indifferent, and quite obsessive.  Have yandere side.
    Player: Kanrei


    Chihiro Hakuno
    Main protagonist who is a bit airhead and unaware of situations. She is able to quickly grasp into situation and make twist, though. Is usually very helpful and want to be one with everyone, although she cannot really since she remains being rather aloof and 'unique'. Is having her memories bland.
    Player: Corleo

    A confident and cocky king of heroes who has the skill for it. He collects treasures and doesn't hesitate to use brutal force to gain what he wants or if someone bores him.
    Player: Bud

    Hyperdimension Neptunia

    The CPU who presides over Lastation. Considered to be an ideal goddess, she tries to do too much at once by herself and refuses the help of others unless it's really important.
    Player: Noire

    Kami no Mizo Shiru Sekai

    Katsuragi Keima
    A smart glasses otaku who likes Galge. He can't live without game. Game is his food and nutrition. He's well known as God of Conquer, that's mean never fail to win every girls heart on the games. He doesn't really care about his real life and his surrounding, but surprisingly he always get perfect score. He is not really fond of physical education. He hates real world girls, but he always ended up get involved with them since he signed a contract with demon.

    Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi

    Kizuna Astin
    An immortal and eternal young albino man who is travelling in searching for a woman named Hana. He acts cold and cruel but really kind inside. A professional with handling guns.

    Katekyou Hitman! Reborn

    Dino Cavallone
    10th Leader of the current mafia family, Cavallone. At most of the time he is very charming, assuring, and dependable...until his family members are gone, all that we have is a clumsy ditzy almost useless guy. He is warm, helpful and well-informed.

    Tales of the Abyss

    Guy Cecil
    A friend, and at the same time, servant to Luke. A swordsman obsessed with technology and machine. He may be easy to blend with everyone, but he sure have some mysteries. Gynophobia is one of them.
    Player: Hitsukai

    Tales of Symphonia

    Emil Castagnier
    Timid and coward but became the knight of Ratatosk after forming a contract with the Lord of Monsters. His green eyes turns to red and became violent during "Ratatosk Mode".
    Player: Kanrei

    Tales of Vesperia

    Rita Mordio
    Youth genius mage. She is distant and denial most of the time but can warm up in time. Super obsessive with technology and especially Blastia. warning, a total Tsundere.
    Player: Corleo

    Patty Fleur
    A cheerful young pirate with a habit of ending her sentence with "nanoja". She appears childish and can come off as annoying to some, but is capable of beings serious when the situation calls for it. She wields a gun + knife in battle. Her fighting style is quite... as random as she is.
    Player: Eko

    Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

    Yuuki Judai (Judai Yuuki)
    An energetic teenager with a love for duel monsters and a knack for getting himself into troubling situations. He has a unique ability that allows for him to see and speak to the spirits of duel monsters. His duel monster spirit partner is Winged Kuriboh. His deck composes mainly of elemental heroes added on with Neo Spacians. As his deck evolved, so has Judai. He has matured greatly through many trials and tribulations. Although he continues to remain quite air-headed. After an incident, he is currently fused with the duel spirit, Yubel.
    Player: Eko

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal

    Kamishiro Rio (Rio Kamishiro)
    She is Ryoga's (aka, Shark's) twin sister who was hospitalize after having been involved in a accident during a duel with IV in which she was nearly she was incinerated. She made a miraculously recovery. Not a scratch or burn mark could be found!

    Rio is very popular with the boys. She was asked to join many clubs as a sort of "mascot" character. However, she rejected them all and insisted that she'll join ONLY if they can defeat her in a duel. "If I'm weak, someone might try and use me as their shield. To take advantage of Shark's weakness. That's why I have to be strong."

    Rio is a skillful duelist with a Ice Themed deck to match her ice cool personality. She can be playful and teasing at times, Especially to her dearest big twin brother Ryoga. She has a fear of cats however.
    Player: Eko

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